Insurance News Recap 1/28/13

Below are some interesting articles from the world of insurance for the week of 1/28/13. Hope you enjoy!

1. Auto Insurance Claimants Happy with Speedier Settlements – Insurance Journal

According to this article customers who have had an auto claim are satisfied with the claim process. This is according to a JD Power and Associated survey comparing the fourth quarter of 2011 to the fourth quarter of 2012. Customer satisfaction went up 6 points on a 100o point scale, as claims adjusters and companies are doing a better job of speeding up the process.

2. Auto Insurance Policyholders Benefit From Highly Competitive Markets – Claims Journal

This article points out the fact that the competitiveness in the auto insurance market is really benefiting the consumer. According the the National Association if Insurance Commissioners the average US driver saw the cost of the auto insurance drop 3% between 2006 and 2010. Also, the introduction of pay as you drive policies has had an affect on rates.

3. 10 ways to control your home insurance costs

Here are some tips from Homes on ways to control/save on your home insurance. Some of the things they recommend are things that you can do to your home, while others have to do more with your policy.

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